My name is Ashley Hart and I am an experienced, organized and meticulous personal (virtual) assistant looking to help you make your life easier so you can get back to doing what you love. I thrive on organization and systems to make life simpler. Technology can be very useful, but also very confusing. I am happy to help you in a professional or personal capacity as I love sharing my knowledge and passion for technology and efficiency with others. I want to help you get to a relaxed, peaceful state of living by delegating to someone you trust.

Website Design and Development

Whether you already have a website that needs to be revamped or you need a brand new website, I will walk you through the process with as much or little explanation as you would like.  I will make building your new website a rewarding experience.

**WordPress Custom Websites require annual hosting fees and a domain name, which are not included in the cost of the design/development**

If you would like me to manage the domain and hosting for you, that will be an additional fee.

All Packages Include

  • Customized pages with up to 3 major revisions
  • Timeline: 3-8 weeks (Rush Fee Applied for Less than 3 weeks)

Website Maintenance and Hosting Management

Building a website is only the first step.  I will help you ensure that your site stays up and running with the required backups, plugin and theme updates, as well as photo, event, and product updates.  Websites are not just one and done, but require constant maintenance and updates to ensure they run smoothly and portray your professional image.

Websites can be compared to the physical structure of your house.  Websites also require a hosting (your rent on the internet).  I can manage all of that for you and ensure your domain and hosting are seamlessly connected to your website.

Our hosting packages all include hosted e-mail accounts, free SSL certificate, site backups, real-time virus and malware protection, and personal support.

Technical Assistance (aka: Patience and Understanding)

I offer a variety of one-time and recurring technical assistance services such as help with setting up an online meeting or webinar, creating and managing an e-newsletter, setting up and maintaining an online store, or helping you become more efficient by recommending workflow improvements.

My rates start at $60/hour for general technical assistance and administrative tasks and $85/hour for website editing

I offer in-person technical assistance starting at $75/hour (minimum 60 minutes + 15-minute increments).  Don’t worry, I don’t charge you for the time we spend chatting.  I love to get to know my clients and find ways to personalize their service so they can get their time back to do what they love (whatever that may be).

The options are limitless!  We can work together to determine what services would be best for you.  I usually focus on pain points, ie. things that you don’t want to do or that take you a large amount of time (website, newsletters, social media, online stores).  When these tasks are transitioned over to a virtual assistant, you can get back to growing and running your business.

Review my servicesblog posts, and portfolio for examples.

Business Services

Customer Support (responding to general or specific inquiries by phone, email or chat), Meeting Minutes, Email and Calendar Management, Reputation Management


Online Marketing Set Up or Clean Up

Development/Account Set Up (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube), Product/Event Marketing, Community Engagement (talking with your customers/subscribers), Graphic Design (developing engaging, original content)


Training and Events

Are you hosting a webinar, training or event (Eventbrite, Zoom, WebEx)? Do you need assistance with registration, e-tickets, webinar presentation, customer/attendee support (preparation, during the event, and post-event evaluation and inquiries)?



Do you want to create a mailing list for your organization?  Or do you have a mailing list but only send things out every few months?  I can help with setting up or managing your current mailing list, layout organization, automated scheduling (MailChimp, Constant Contact).


Search Engine Optimization

Many people think that your new website will just pop up on Google when you search for your business keywords. However, this is sadly not the case. Google uses many different formulas to determine what sites appear at the top of their search rankings such as quality of the site, mobile friendly, XML site map, titles/tags, search options on your site and many other technical requirements.  This process takes time, so I recommend a minimum of 6 months to start seeing results.


Personal Services

Do you want to move your photos and documents to the cloud, but you’re not quite sure how to do it?  Do you need help organizing your Google Accounts, Photos, Calendar, Drive, etc?  Is your email out of control and you need some help getting and staying organized?  I am patient, understanding, and I can explain technology to you in a way that makes sense to you.  I am tech savvy and I have a sense of humor, at least my Grandma thinks so.


My Team

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Founder and CEO
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