Premium Website Maintenance (Monthly)



Once you build your website you are done with it, RIGHT?  Unfortunately, that is far from the case.  Website maintenance requires updates to (1) website code, plugins, security, framework to reduce bugs and hacking, and (2) website content to stay relevant and up-to-date for your audience.

Whether you need a little help maintaining your website or just want me to take care of it for you, I have a package for every need. Regular updates help keep your website secure from hacking attacks and ensure that customers can always find information about your business.  Your website is your 24/7 advertisement and marketing tool and what it says a lot about your business, both through first impressions such as professionalism, as well as speed and technical errors on your site.

Premium Monthly website maintenance and management (starting at $250/month)

  • Backups
  • Security Updates
  • Analytics
  • Client Report (upon request)
  • Keyword Tracking: 10 keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 16 or More Website Pages
  • Performance Optimization (Website Speed Improvements)
  • Extended content changes and technical support**

Every website maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Updates: We’ll ensure your website software is up-to-date which ensures your client-facing features work for your guests, as well as providing protection against would-be hackers from gaining access to your data.
  • Backups: With our maintenance service, you’ll have access to daily and on-demand backups which can play a critical role to introducing large features or changes by allowing us to roll your website back to a working state.
  • SEO Ranking: Find your competitors and see how your website stacks up against them with our search engine optimization report which shows your rankings by keyword and geographic location.
  • Analytics: Get a detailed overview of the number of sessions, returning visitors, social media, organic searches, page views, time on site and bounce rate for guests visiting your website.
  • Spam Removal: We’ll remove Spam comments from advertising bots, ensuring your guests are not lead from your website to potentially malicious third-party websites.
  • Client Report: All the features listed here are combined into a recurring website health reporting delivered directly to your inbox! We’ll take care of everything and notify you of any major concerns.

**Extended tech support and updates to content are usually tasks that require 30 min or more and total 2 hours maximum per month. Overages on time will be billed monthly at our hourly rate.

Packages are billed monthly and any time in excess of package allowance will be billed at our regular hourly rate. Unused time does not roll from month to month.


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