Available Services

Website Design and Development

Whether you already have a website that needs to be revamped or you need a brand new website, I will walk you through the process with as much or little explanation as you would like.  I will make building your new website a rewarding experience.

Website Maintenance and Hosting Management

Building a website is only the first step.  I will help you ensure that your site stays up and running with the required backups, plugin and theme updates, as well as photo, event, and product updates.  Websites are not just one and done, but require constant maintenance and updates to ensure they run smoothly and portray your professional image.

Technical Assistance (aka: Patience and Understanding)

I offer a variety of one-time and recurring technical assistance services such as help with setting up an online meeting or webinar, creating and managing an e-newsletter, setting up and maintaining an online store, or helping you become more efficient by recommending workflow improvements.

Search Engine Opimization

Many people think that your new website will just pop up on Google when you search for your business keywords. However, this is sadly not the case. Google uses many different formulas to determine what sites appear at the top of their search rankings such as quality of the site, mobile friendly, XML site map, titles/tags, search options on your site and many other technical requirements.

Check out the #1 Google Ranking for my current client, Central Valley Bulk Materials!

Online Marketing Set Up or Clean Up

So you have some form of social media presence (or none at all) and you’re listed on some sites, such as Google My Business and Yahoo maps, but you changed your address and it isn’t updated on some sites.  Having an organized, clear and accurate online presence is very important.  The internet is your 24/7 advertisement so what it says about your business can make a lasting impression, good or bad.  Let me help you create an online perception that brings people to your business or to your website.

Business Services

So you started your own business and it’s expanding.  You aren’t quite ready to bring on a new employee, but you just need some help with a few things every now and then.  I offer independent contractor services for businesses, which all you the freedom to hire on a short-term, project basis.

  • Customer Support (responding to general or specific inquiries by phone, email or chat)
  • Invoice Management, Meeting Minutes, Email and Calendar Management, Reputation Management, Publication Assistance

Personal Services

You grimace when you open your email, you know that there is a digital cloud, and you know you need to update your online presence.

  • Do you want to move your photos and documents to the cloud, but you’re not quite sure how to do it?
  • Do you need help organizing your Google Accounts, Photos, Calendar, Drive, etc?
  • Is your email out of control and you need some help getting and staying organized?

I can help you figure out how to use technology to your benefit, as opposed to feeling like technology has taken over your life.

Training and Events

So you have an event or training coming up and you need help!

I can set up the event listing online and hand it over to you, or I can help you all the way to the day of the event (even help at the sign-in table if you need me).


So you have heard that you need to connect with your customers and create an eNewsletter.  I can help with setting up or managing your current mailing list, layout organization, and automated scheduling.  The two main platforms that are user-friendly are MailChimp and Constant Contact.

  • Layout Organization
  • Scheduling Distribution
  • Mailing List Management
  • Automated Email Marketing

Please browse my portfolio and contact me to set up a free consultation to see what services would work best for you and your organization.  I also have a few blog posts about how a virtual assistant can help your business and some tips on hiring a great virtual assistant.  I am happy to discuss your situation and needs so we can see what works best for you.  Most of my clients have created customized service packages that fit the needs of their business, budget, and goals.

If you have any questions or want to know more about me and my services, please feel free to contact me directly at info@virtualashleyhart.com or 559-285-6791 (August through May) or 559-373-1481 (June and July).

Review my services, blog posts, and portfolio for examples.